John 6:51,55-56

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Ministries at Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel

What exactly are ministries?

Serving Others for the Love of Christ

As part of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus has as its main purpose, the spreading forth of the Gospel of Christ in our local community and around the world. Grafted in the Good News of Salvation is a call to service by those who accept Christ’s healing and forgiveness.

Although other non-profit agencies and benevolent individuals also perform service in the community, what makes the services offered by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel and by the Church unique is that we offer our services with a different purpose at heart. Our main goal as members of the Mystical Body of Christ is to share the love of Christ with those whom we serve. By sharing the love of Christ in a generous way, the Church hopes to bring the bulk of humanity into a personal saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because the service that we offer to the world and others around us purposely represents a mandate from Christ to those of us who follow him, we function in an official capacity even if those serving are not ordained. Hence, our service is termed as ministry and those who serve are referred to as ministers, as supposed to volunteer service and volunteers.

Who qualifies to serve in ministries?

Because serving the community as representatives of Christ is an official act of the Church and of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel, those involved in ministry at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel must be full members in good standing of the Church.

Who authorizes ministries?

Since every Christian is called to service by Christ, he or she is essentially free to establish a particular ministry if called to do so by God. However, since Christians are expected to function within the care of a pastor and within a congregation, it should be expected that those who feel called to ministry should seek out the blessing of their pastor.

Furthermore, every ministry that is associated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel must be approved before presenting it to the public as part of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel.

What are the ministries at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel?

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel is a community of believers devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In order to express our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been established as the main ministry for the members of our chapel. Every ministerial endeavor that we take is done as part of the order. Contact us to find out more information about how to take part in the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ministry.