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John 6:51,55-56

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Is Life Keeping You Down?

Some times life does it’s best to keep us down. Often times financial stress, bad health, marriage problems or family problems can bring us down. Many times when faced with these issues we do not know where or who to turn to. Often we seek advice from the wrong people and end up making decisions that make matters worse. However, it does not have to be that way.

There is a better way to live

There is a time tested way to live life in an orderly and joy filled way. This time tested way can redirect your confused and misguided heart into making sound and wise decisions in life. This time tested way can also help you by providing you with a solid moral compass that can help you head on the right direction.

Imagine living a life were confusion and despair are no longer the norm.

Imagine being free and finally being able to stand up up strong and tall.

Model your heart after a perfect heart

The only way to re calibrate your heart; the only way to set your heart straight so that your moral compass can help you head on the right direction, is by modeling your heart after the Heart of Jesus Christ.

The Heart of Jesus is filled with joy beyond imagination. The Heart of Jesus contains wisdom, love, generosity, compassion, hope, strength, endurance and all good qualities that you expect in a perfect way. Because of His unlimited  love and because of His unlimited generosity, Jesus Christ wants you to follow His Heart so that you can be totally free. All you have to do is trust in Jesus Christ , follow his teachings and model your heart after His perfect Heart. When you model your heart after the Heart of Jesus:

• You will be filled with hope and joy to the point that life will no longer keep you down.

• You will develop discipline and become more efficient which will help you achieve more goals.

• Are you trying to break from addiction, bad relationships and negativity? Modeling your heart after the Heart of Jesus Christ can help you break those shackles from your life.

• Things in life will make more sense. Confusion and despair will no longer rule your life.

• Anger, frustration, hatred, resentment, stress, and all the negatives of life will be pushed out of your life.

We Can Show You How to Keep Your Heart Straight!

The heart is the center of all humans wether they acknowledge it or not. It is from the heart that we make the most important decisions in life. We often refer to people as having a “good heart” or as having a “bad heart” because we know that a person’s true intentions and purpose come from their heart. Since your heart is so important to how you relate to the people around you and to how you look at life, does it not make sense to set your heart straight?

We at Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel   have established a unique and powerful prayer ministry that can join forces with you and help you perfect your heart in the image of the only perfect heart, the Heart of Jesus Christ. As part of the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is the name of our prayer ministry, you will not be alone. You will be able to join in with others who like you are tired of living a helpless, painful and confusing life, and who have chosen to be free. So fill out the form below to get started on your journey to a better you!

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